Thursday, July 17, 2014

Painting Hydrangeas - July 17, 2014

"Pink Hydrangeas" - Watercolor - July 2014

Watercolor - I've been in a watercolor mood the last week.    I think because I was painting pastel and hit a couple of snags and hated everything I painted.   Sometimes it just helps me to back away and just have fun trying something new.   I love the loose look you can get with watercolor.   I guess in all my painting I'm more of a loose, impressionistic painter.     I love muted colors and soft shapes.     This one is part of my watercolor practice.  I really like letting the colors combine.   I probably did 4-5 different loose paintings - painting over the original each time.    Just experimenting but I like the effect.  

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

More Watercolor Practice - July 15, 2014

"Botanical Study" - Watercolor - July 2014
Watercolor Diversion - Occasionally you just need a break from your primary medium.  Mine is pastel but I've always wanted to learn watercolor.   I've started practicing with some small flower pieces.    I may try pen and watercolor.  I've seen some really great pen sketches that were painted with watercolor.   Fun to try something new.   

Monday, July 14, 2014

Try...Try...Try...Gives New Meaning to "If at first you don't suceed." - July 14, 2014

"Spring Flowers 2" - Watercolor - July 2014

"Flower Study" - Watercolor - July 2014

Watercolor Practice -   Painting with watercolor is like dancing with a partner.   It has an active part in the painting.    I painted a flower study several years go.   It was fluid and loose and I loved it.    I've been trying ever since to get to that same experience without success.    I just keep try, try, trying.     

Monday, July 7, 2014

If at first you don't suceed....Try...Try...Again! - July 7, 2014

"Spring Flowers" - Watercolor - 8x10 - July 2014
"Spring Flowers" was an accident.   I had attended a workshop and was painting a barn on a large piece of paper.   The first one I loved and it's posted in June 2014.   But when I got home and was working with the one inch brush on the second piece, I hated it.   I also hate to waste paper so I decided to turn it over and do some practice painting on the back.   This flower study is one I had done before.   I still need to go back with a smaller brush and add just a few details and darken the middle but overall I was pleased with it.   I love muted colors and more of an impressionistic feel.   This one I will probably finish and frame.    The one below "Flowers" was done in June 2012 from the same study.    It was a favorite at my Art Show and was one of the first to sell.   Guess simpler is better.   I have to agree I loved "Flowers" too.   A project I need to do one day is to drag out all my old "discarded" paintings and do some rework on them.   There might just be a painting there waiting to be discovered!!
"Flowers" - Watercolor - 5x7 - June 2012

Friday, July 4, 2014

Painting your Front Yard - July 2014

"Morning Flowers" - Pastel - 9x12 - July 2014
Painting Your Front Yard - Sometimes the most beautiful things are right under your nose.   One of my favorite things to do each morning is to sit and have a cup of coffee and look out over my flower garden.   This unfortunately does not do the flower bed justice.   Have to work on fewer strokes.