Plein Air Painting

Plein Air Painting on St. Simon Island - 2015
 Nothing is more fun that painting all day for six day on St. Simon Island.   I attended a painting and mentoring workshop with Albert Handell.   All of the paintings below were done during the week.  Each night after painting all day, we received a critique from Albert Handell.    The weather was beautiful and everywhere you turned there was a wonderful setting.    We stayed at Epworth by the Sea.   Wonderful facilities and three great meals a day.  It left us plenty of time to enjoy painting!!

Janet Deal & Tim Everhart- This young man came by the marsh one day and purchased my "Golden Marsh" painting - pastel - 12x18 - 2015  

Hydrangea Festival June 2015 - I'ts been a while since I've thought of plein air painting.   I know it's good for me as an artist.   I have done some over the past few years at workshops or just intermittently but frankly "I forgot" who much fun it was!     Yesterday I packed my supplies and spend several hours in the butterfly garden at the Cultural Arts Center in Douglasville, GA.   These are quick paintings with a limited pallet but the main thing was what "I remembered" from the experience.   I remembered that the best way to study light is outside.   I remembered that it is easy to get distracted by everything you see.   I learned that I've gotten better at focusing on a composition.   I've learned that painting is fun and painting outside is fun and I need to do it more often!!
"Garden Path" - Pastel - 9x13 - June 2015 - Cultural Arts Center

"Butterfly Garden" - Pastel - 9x13 - June 2015 - Cultural Arts Center

Plein Air Painting - Session One - Sweetwater Creek State Park - July 10, 2012

This is a new page for displaying plein air paintings.   I've been visiting covered bridges in Georgia and Tennesse and have a few paintings completed.    Painting outside reminds us of the unique lighting that only nature provides.    The colors and shadows are better than any photo.     I wanted to start this plein air painting group to help keep myself and my painting friends inspired.    There are so many beautiful places around Douglasville and around the state.    I will plan the monthly excursions and all friends have to do is bring their painting materials and show up.    Message me on facebook if you want to participate.    Our first session will be Tuesday, July 10, 2012 at 8:45 a.m. at Sweetwater Creek State Park.

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