Monday, September 19, 2016

Black and White Charcoal on tinted paper

"Self Portrait" Black & White Charcoal on Tinted Paper 2016

"What the *&%^$??" Black & White Charcoal & Pastel on Tinted Paper. 2016

"Still Life "- Black & White Charcoal on Tinted Paper 2016
Fun week with charcoal drawings.    The Self Portrait was a fun one and I can see I need to go back and create some marks around the hair.    The "What the (*&%$? ? " was done from a self portrait that didn't work out!!    We were asked to push the unexpected and I decided on a skeleton.    The "Still Life" was a complex one.    I should push more of the marks but it's hard when something is coming together to push it.   Maybe after critique I'll return to it and add some marks.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Self Portrait - Cross Contour Drawing

Self Portrait - Charcoal, Graphite, tinted paper - 9-2016
Getting accustomed to drawing with continuous contour drawing and cross contour drawing.   I cheated a little to get the space placement of the eyes but the other contour lines were pretty easy.   Definitely something I need to practice more.