Monday, September 19, 2016

Black and White Charcoal on tinted paper

"Self Portrait" Black & White Charcoal on Tinted Paper 2016

"What the *&%^$??" Black & White Charcoal & Pastel on Tinted Paper. 2016

"Still Life "- Black & White Charcoal on Tinted Paper 2016
Fun week with charcoal drawings.    The Self Portrait was a fun one and I can see I need to go back and create some marks around the hair.    The "What the (*&%$? ? " was done from a self portrait that didn't work out!!    We were asked to push the unexpected and I decided on a skeleton.    The "Still Life" was a complex one.    I should push more of the marks but it's hard when something is coming together to push it.   Maybe after critique I'll return to it and add some marks.

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