Friday, February 27, 2015

Dog River Library 2015 Art Show Ends

This month was my second Art Show at Dog River Library.   Monthly Art Shows feature local artist from the Douglas County Art Guild and Sweetwater Camera Club.   This year I was pleased to include recent original artwork.    I have been painting for 5 years and have attend many painting workshops and classes.    My goal for 2014 was to create original work from my own reference photos.  This year I initiated my First Annual Valentine's Day Art Sale via email.    It was very successful.   My goal was to reduce the price of some of my older pieces and make room for some new work.   I sold two at the Dog River Show and 6 in the Email Art Show.   In addition, I gave two paintings to my two daughters.    Nice to know the paintings have good homes.

 My newest adventure is photography.   Just bought my first DSLR Camera and I can't wait to start taking photographs.   I've joined the Sweetwater Camera Club and hope to learn from this group and also have some interesting field trips for photography.   

Monday, February 16, 2015

Thanks you!! The First Annual Valentine's Art Sale was a Success.

February 2015 - The Dog River Library Show combined with my First Annual Valentine's Email Art Sale was a success.     Eight paintings have found a new home.    It's funny; paintings are like your babies.   You take a photo or attend a workshop.   You spend time selecting just the right subject.   You make choices on paper, background and colors.   You spend time sketching the scene.   Then you may spend hours - or days creating the painting.    Then it's the hard job of deciding which paintings get to be framed!!    For me it is always the ones that I want to enjoy in my home.   Usually I have them in my home for months or years before I can release them.  

I'm so pleased that Ocean Sunset, Senoia Farm House, Water Lily, Hydrangea Path, Bay Boat, Sunflower Field, Winter Farm  and Dark Marsh now have new homes.    My thanks to friends who made this possible.  

Friday, February 13, 2015

First Annual Valentine's Weekend Art SALE

# 5
# 6
An artist friend recently had a "moving sale". She was relocating and cleaning out her studio. She did an "email SALE'. I thought that was a great idea. I've modified it somewhat and have done a first blast email to my friends that have purchased my art, been to one of my art shows or given me encouragement through the last few years. I've decided to expand the SALE to my facebook friends and blog friends. Here are the paintings that are available. Message me if you are interested. #3, 13, 23 are already SOLD but all others are available on a first come basis. Hope you'll see something you like. You can see the paintings in the Gallery.   Started out with 29 paintings.   5 have already SOLD so here is the list remaining.   Many are originals from my own reference photos.   When I have used a reference from a teacher I'm noted the teachers name and workshop.




# 4














  Description Medium Size Framed Year Price Sale Price Type
#1 Christmas Home Pastel 19x16 2012 $200 $150 Original Pastel
#2 Gold Mine Path Pastel 15x18 2014 $125 $100 Original Pastel
#3 Ocean Sunset Pastel 17x14 2010 $75 $50 Original Pastel - done in Ann Cockerill Workshop
#4 Barn in Field Pastel 15x18 2010 $125 $75 Original Pastel - done in Karen Margullis Workshop
#5 WildFlowers Pastel 17x19 2010 $75 $25 Original Pastel - done in Karen Margullis Workshop
#6 Cat Tails Pastel 17x14 2010 $100 $50 Original Pastel
#6 Sea Grass Acrylic   2010 $75 $50 Original Acrylic - Done in Ann Cockerill Workshop
#7 Senoia Farm House Watercolor 18x14 2012 $100 $50 Original Watercolor- Done In Dr. Ejlaia Workshop
#8 Lighthouse Watercolor 26x23 2012 $175 $100 Original Watercolor 
#9 Flower Pots Watercolor 16x13 2014 $30   Original Pastel
#10 Euharlee Covered Bridge Pastel 20 1/2 x 17 1/2 2012 $100 $50 Original Pastel - Done in Barbara Jaenicke Workshop
#11 Dark Marsh Pastel 17x14 2012 $125 $75 Original Pastel - done in Karen Margullis Workshop
#13 Water Lily Acrylic 20x17 2012 $100 $50 Original Acrylic - Done in Ann Cockerill Workshop
#14 Gibbs Pond Pastel 15x18 2014 $150 $100 Original Pastel
#15 Marsh #1 Pastel 16 1/2 x 14 1/2 2012 $75 $50 Original Pastel - done in Karen Margullis Workshop
#16 Pear Pastel 14 1/2 x 13 2013 $125 $75 Original Pastel - done in Karen Margullis Workshop
#17 Hydrangea Path Acrylic 18x15 2013 $50 $35 Original Acrylic - Done in Ann Cockerill Workshop
#18 Shady Path Watercolor 27x22.5 2013 $200 $150 Original Watercolor
#19 Fall Farm Acrylic 17x20 2013 $100 $50 Original Acrylic - Done in Ann Cockerill Workshop
#20 Tennessee Church  Acrylic 20x17 2013 $100 $50 Original Acrylic - Done in Ann Cockerill Workshop
#21 Ducks in a Row Pastel 15x18 2014 $125 $80 Original Pastel
#22 Apple Still Life Pastel 10x12 2014 $125 $75 Original Pastel - Done in Barbara Jaenicke Workshop
#23 Monastary Retreat Pastel 15x18 2014 $100 $75 Original Pastel
#24 Bay Boat Pastel 16x14 2014 $100 $75 Original Pastel
#25 Winter Road Pastel 15x18 2014 $150 $75 Original Pastel
#26 Hydrangea in Pink Watercolor 18x15 2014 $75 $75 Original Watercolor
#27 Quiet Stream Pastel 15x18 2014 $200   Original Pastel

Thursday, February 12, 2015

"Senoia Mill House" accepted to the Southeastern Pastel Society 2015 Members Exhibition

"Senoia Mill House" - Pastel - 9x12 - 2014

Over the last few years I have entered many shows but this is my first exhibit in which the work had to be jurored to even get in the exhibit.    The Southeastern Pastel Society's 2015 Members Exhibition received entries from 89 artists who submitted a total of 235 paintings.   The exhibition juror selected 92 paintings for the exhibition.    PSA Hall of Fame juror, Frank Federico selected the paintings for the exhibition.    The exhibition opens April 16, 2015 at Quinlan Visual Arts Center, Gainesville, GA and runs through June 6, 2015.    
Last summer my daughter Anna spent the day driving me around to scenic places in Senoia, GA where she lives.   I took many photographs at Starr's Mill.   It was the inspiration for a number of my paintings.   My interpretation of this scene at the mill house added the wildflower field.   I love the color pairing of yellow, orange and lavender.   The red barn isn't even the destination for me.   I want the anticipated view when the road leads us behind the red barn.    Makes me imagine wonderful things around the corner.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Dog River Library Art Show - February 2015

"Winter Farm"

"Sunflower Field"

This month I have 30 paintings in an Art Show at Dog River Library.   As a member of the Douglas County Art Guild, I have the opportunity to show my work for the entire month of February 2015.    Ama-Kanasta Garden Club invited me to attend their meeting on February 10, 2015 and I was pleased that the two paintings above found a home with some wonderful gardener friends.   I find that gardeners are frequently also painters.    I've always thought that once I became "a painter that I saw the world and everything in it with different eyes."