Monday, February 16, 2015

Thanks you!! The First Annual Valentine's Art Sale was a Success.

February 2015 - The Dog River Library Show combined with my First Annual Valentine's Email Art Sale was a success.     Eight paintings have found a new home.    It's funny; paintings are like your babies.   You take a photo or attend a workshop.   You spend time selecting just the right subject.   You make choices on paper, background and colors.   You spend time sketching the scene.   Then you may spend hours - or days creating the painting.    Then it's the hard job of deciding which paintings get to be framed!!    For me it is always the ones that I want to enjoy in my home.   Usually I have them in my home for months or years before I can release them.  

I'm so pleased that Ocean Sunset, Senoia Farm House, Water Lily, Hydrangea Path, Bay Boat, Sunflower Field, Winter Farm  and Dark Marsh now have new homes.    My thanks to friends who made this possible.  

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