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Painting Sunflowers - August 2, 2014

"Tuscan Sunflowers" - Acrylic - 2014
Painting Sunflowers - This painting was done at Art with a Twist at the Red Cockerill Gallery.    I've always loved sunflowers and when I looked back I discovered that there have been lots of other sunflowers in my gallery.    I've painted many more but these are the ones that made it to a "frame."     I'm so please that out of eight paintings of sunflowers, seven have gone to family or friends.    It nice to know that I've helped spread sunflowers around the country. :)    It's also interesting to see how my painting has developed over the years.    I simply must get more creative however in naming my paintings.    
"Sunflower Surprise - Pastel - 2013

"Sunflower Face" - Pastel - 2013

"Sunflower Face" - Pastel - 2013
These three painting were done for my April 2012 Art Show.    I loved them and my daughter, Amy did too.   I told her if they didn't sell at the show she could have them.   They now hang in her dinning room over her buffet.    She narrowly got them though because after the show closed a friend asked about them.   I actually painted them to be a collection and it was great fun.

"Sunflower Pot" - Acrylic - 2011
This painting was done as a still life from a pot of sunflowers on my sunroom.    I still have this pot on my porch.  The painting was in the April 2012 Art Show and sold to my brother Gary.    I'm so pleased he and Lois attended the show and he purchased two of my favorite paintings, this one and "Mark of the Potter."
"Sunflowers 2" - Pastel - 2010
I so loved my "Sunflower" painting that I really hated to let it go.   It was hung in my house for months and after several failed attempts to duplicate it I gave in and gave it to a dear friend.    I loved this one also and put it in my April 2012 Art Show and it sold to my friend Ann.    I learned early on that I am not suited to "paint on commission."   Just the idea of painting something specific that someone has requested changes the whole experience.   I have to just paint what I love and if someone else loves it - so be it!    
"Sunflowers" - Patel - 2010
Looking back I made considerable progress between my paintings.   This one was always a favorite.   It is owned by my friend Robyn.   It was a gift at her retirement.
"Sunflower" - Pastel - 2010
This was one of my first pastel paintings and was painted in a class with Karen Margulis.   I see so many issues to correct but at the time it was a fun experience that helped get me "hooked" on pastel.   This painted is owned by my friend Ruth.


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