Thursday, March 3, 2016

Making Mud"

"Barn by the Road" - 5x7 - Watercolor - March 2016
Mud....Mud....Mud...  We've all done it!    You start out painting and then decide it needs something.....then that something turns into something else and Bam!!  you have Mud!.   Why is it so hard to step away.   Watercolor is definitely a discipline that requires you "step away" to let things dry.   I want to revisit this scene again and start out much lighter for the first couple of washes.   In pastel if you things get dark there is a possibility of lighten up with some lighter softer pastels.  Unfortunately with watercolor you have to plan well and exercise restraint.   It there was an award for making mud, I'd win it today.    It's a rainy day and maybe that is clouding my minds eye.   Tomorrow I'll visit the "Barn by the Road' again.

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