Friday, January 27, 2012

January 27, 2012 - Having Trouble Signing In
If you had trouble signing in as a follower, here are some hints.
Frankly I signed up as a folower and had trouble the first time.   It might be that a) you have a google account and have just forgot - if so ask for your password to be emailed to you or b) you just can't read those security letters - if so just try again and you'll get some you can read.   Hope you'll try again.

One of the new project for this year is to assist the Fine Arts Academy at Douglasville FUMC in setting up a Art Camp for kids grades K - 6.   We've had a Music Camp the last 2 years so this will be a nice addition for visual arts.    I'll be holding a small art show at my home and my work will be available for a donation to this program.   I'll be looking for friends to attend.

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