Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pastel with Dust - June 2012

 "Wildflowers" - Pastel with Dust - 5x7 - June 2012
Last night I attended a class with Karen Margulis.   We created our pastel painting and then added pastel shavings(dust) to sections of the painting for texture and highlights.      We shaved harder pastels with a knife over the areas of the painting we wanted to highlight.   We then covered with paper (parchment, wax paper) and used a roller to press the paint into the painting.   We also experimented with adding fixative after each dusting to create more layers and texture.   Once the paint builds up you can scratch the surface to expose the colors underneath.  Not something for every painting but definitely a technique to have in your tool bag.
"Birch Trees Mini" - Pastel with Dust - 5x7 - June 2012
I have done this painting several times so the composition was a familiar one.    The dusting added some interest to a rather simple painting.   Fun technique.   Thanks to Karen who also comes up with things in class to inspire us.

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