Friday, June 1, 2012

Sample of paintings over last 2 years. Just a little trip down memory lane.

 "Sunflowers"    9x13  Pastel
 "Country Barn"    9x13  Pastel
 "Poppy Field"    9x13  Pastel
" Italian Landscape"   10x13    Acrylic

I've been busy trying new things with pastels and working on watercolor techniques.    Every once in a while I like to go back and look at some things I've done in past.   When you try new things it's sometimes easy to get helps to remember what made you enjoy painting in the first place.    " Painting is an escape....a relaxing release...where in a few hours you loose yourself in another place and paint your way into the painting."    They are like old friends you feel you know them well.   These four were gifts to family and friends and have made their way into a new home.  

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