Friday, May 1, 2015

Photography Adventure - 2015

Adding Photography to my art adventure -  Just got a new camera.  I wanted to take better photos so that I have great reference photos for my paintings.   I'm learning some of the same principles of painting and composition apply to photography.   I've joined the Sweetwater Camera Club.   I haven't entered any photos yet but these are some that I've worked with with advise from my niece, Kat and the president of the camera club Janet N.   I'm loving the experience.   The Barn photos were taken on a field trip with my friend Beverly to Temple, GA.   Lots of great of abandoned structures     The butterfly pictures were taken at Callaway Gardens in January 2015 with my iPhone.   The butterfly is a Tree Nymph or Paper Kite.   Very beautiful.  An Asian butterfly mostly found in butterfly houses.

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