Monday, June 8, 2015

Sometimes We Forget!!

"Garden Path" - Pastel - 9x13 - June 2015 - Cultural Arts Center

"Butterfly Garden" - Pastel - 9x13 - June 2015 - Butterfly Garden Cultural Arts Center

Sometimes life just happens and you forget to do things.   Plein Air Painting is one of them.   I've done some plein air painting during the last few years but usually at a workshop or intermittently.   I had just forgotten about the page and frankly had lost some passion for plein air since I couldn't get any other artist to come along.    I packed my supplies and headed to the Hydrangea Festival in Douglasville, GA yesterday and set up in the butterfly garden of the Cultural Arts Center in Douglasville, GA.    It's a tiny garden but it offered some nice views.    These are two quick paintings I completed.  Of course, I took photographs and I'll be revisiting the photos and the garden again.    

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