Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Digital Photograph at State Botanical Garden

"Orange Suprise" - Digital - June 2015 - SBG

"Merry Christmas" - Digital - June 2015 SBG

"Flower Portrait" - Digital - June 2015 - SBG

" Hydrangea Suprise" - Digital - June 2015 - SBG

"Reflection" - Digital - June 2015 - SBG
When I signed up for Native Plant Certification at the State Botanical Gardens, I didn't know how much it would benefit my "art".    I recently bought a Nikon D3300 and it's been a challenge to learn who to use it.    When a class was offered on Digital Photography of Plants, I jumped on it.    The rule of thirds of composition was first on the agenda but the most significant approach was "getting closer".    I wasn't able to get my focus right on all these but it was fun to use the intricate structure of plants to add to the composition.   

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