Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Art 106 - University of West Georgia

First Week of Art Class - August 24, 2015 marks a new adventure.   I started my first art class at the University of West Georgia.    There are approximately 20 students in the class.   The ages range from 18-20 years.   I'm the 68 year old!!  The class is very diverse and not what I expected.   Obviously a few art majors but mainly with focus on graphics and animation.   There are lots of art minors who have majors in other areas such as business.    My goal is to be fearless and get as much as possible out of this experience.   After 5 years painting and learning, I am ready to step back and get back to the basics.
This weeks class is on Design and Composition.   We were also asked to keep a sketchbook of notes and sketches.   While we will not be doing more traditional "art", I liked the sketchbook idea.   I've always done thumbnail sketches before I start painting, but I've never kept a consistent sketch journal.   I've been in workshops with artist that pull out volume after volume of sketchbooks.  I've certainly always enjoyed going to exhibits of world famous artist and seeing their sketches.    In particular I enjoyed the sketches of Michelangelo and Picasso.   I'm not a world class artist, but I figure I can learn a few things by following their example.
This sketch is of my granddaughter running on the beach.   I usually just block in my shapes, positions, some values when doing a thumbnail.   I do think I want to experiment with several more sketches of this scene to try to better capture the lines that will capture the movement.  

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