Thursday, August 27, 2015

Elements of Art - 2D

Well day two of class was a little anti climatic.   After waiting for an hour the class was cancelled.   That's what driving from Atlanta will do to an instructor.   Googled it and found out it was an accident closing all lanes on I-20 at Carrollton.   Go figure!  

This week we are looking at Elements of Art - 2D - line, shape, value, texture, color.   If I think back on my several hundred hours of private and workshop instruction from working artist the elements that were emphasized the most were shape and value.  

VALUE -  I still struggle with value.   You look at a pastel box of dozens of greens, reds, purples, etc. and finding the right value can be hard.   I still do the trial and error method.   I make a mark with the pastel on the painting on a separate paper and then put the other color next to it until it blends.   You'd think two separate colors would not blend smoothly until you see it happen!    If they are the same value it flows smoothly in the painting from one color to the next.  Barbara Jaenicke is a master at this.  Wish you were still in Roswell Barbara!!

SHAPE - When I first started painting 5 years ago, I was lucky to find Karen Margulis.  Blocking in big shapes on a thumbnail sketch was the first step in getting ready to paint.   My tendency in the beginning was to place to much detail into the sketch.   I still have to work on this one.  

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