Friday, September 11, 2015

Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Balance

Symmetrical Balance Design
Assymetrical Balance Design - paper,sharpie,pencil - 2015
In class this week we explored positive/negative shapes and looked at symmetrical - radial - asymmetrical balance.  This was one of my favorite Assymetrical Balance Designs.   I have several more to complete.   Next time I will join the edges rather than let the pieces float.  

Assymetrical Balance is felt or implied equilibrium between visual elements that differ in size, number, weight, color, or texture.  

Symmetrical Balance Design - paper, sharpie, pencil - 2015
   For this assignment we are preparing to do a black construction paper cut out of asymmetrical and an asymmetrical design. I practiced at first by doing the design freehand much as I would a thumbnail sketch for a painting. After I sketched in the design, I came back and used a sharpie to darken the design.

Symmetrical balance is a mirror-like repetition on either side of a central axis.  If you fold any of the squares above the design will mirror each side.  

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