Saturday, May 21, 2016

Richard McKinley Pastel Workshop

This week I am attending the Richard McKinley Pastel Workshop.    Yesterday we spent the day with Richard as he explained many of is "pastel pointers" from his book and blog.   I've heard some of these before but Richard gives you the whole story and back story that make the "light bulb" go off in your head.   One of my goals is to take a workshop with some of the best of the current nationally recognized artist.    So far I've taken from Albert Handel last year and now Richard McKinley.   I think I'm off to a good start.

Yesterday we did pastel primer underpainting and a watercolor underpainting.   We also are adding pastel primer to an existing underpainting to give it more texture.   Can't wait to try my pastels on this surface.    I've tried the watercolor and like that underpainting medium but the pastel primer is new to me.   He uses a crete color pencil 140 mars violet to do underpainting.   I have always used hard pastel.   The difference is striking.   It is very hard to go light with even a hard pastel.    I'm definitely going to try the colored pencil especially when doing a wet underpainting.  

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