Saturday, October 29, 2016

Photography Afternoon

Tree Bark - 10-20-16 - Janet Deal

Bank Building Douglasville - 10-20-16 - Janet Deal

Bank Building Douglasville - 10-20-16 - Janet Deal
Recently I took a photography class at the local cultural arts center.    Shannon Belletttili was the instructor.   She has a local photography business.   The course was 6 weeks and covered everything related to a digital camera.   It was just what I needed, a "soup to nuts" version.  We did practice assignments each week.    I have to admit in the past I've always been a little "miffed" when a photographer won at an art show over more traditional mediums.    I do have a new respect for photography and the artistic eye related to composition, line, etc but also the technical skill related to capturing the right light, adjusting the camera, etc.    One thing I have always been notorious at is taking 100 shots to get 1 shot.     When I was pointing and shooting, I'd typically take lots of photos and hope I'd get one or two really good ones.    I was lucky in that regard and frankly have had some success with just point and shoot and using "auto" settings.  

Shannon challenged us to plan our photo.   Consider the composition and settings needed for the space, time of day, etc.   Recently we did a photo shoot in my hometown.   Looking for unusual angles and planning the shot was a challenge.   Instead of taking hundreds of shots I was challenged to take two of each composition and look for my very best shot.     I loved the results as seen above.   Of course, I'll always do the multiple shots when there is not time to set up the shot but the "planned" approach certainly is more satisfying.

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