Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas Cards in Watercolor 2016

Several months ago I bought watercolor cards, thinking I'd make some personalized cards for friends.    Like a lot of things I never got around to it.    While volunteering at the Cultural Arts Center last week I had time on my hands so I sketched a few scenes.    Yesterday I was so sick.   One of those sick, sick sick days.   I decided it was a good time to get my mind off being sick so I did a few quick watercolors for cards for each of my granddaughters for Christmas.     Love the medium and will definitely do more.    I think in the future I'll do graphite pencil sketches of detail and then apply watercolor washes and end with pen.    I sorta did that on these but not necessarily in that order.    How soon we forget!!   I just complete a drawing class where we worked on shape and shadow.    I have 6 more cards in the package so I'll work on something with more detail in future.    This is a great way for artist at any level to enjoy painting and to use their art to share with family and friends. Think I'll try a few botanical drawings!!

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