Sunday, May 25, 2014

Gary Curtis - Watercolor Workshop - May 2014

"Still Life" - Watercolor - 19x12 - May 2014
Gary Curtis Watercolor Workshop -    I received an invitation to participate in Gary Curtis' Watercolor Workshop at the Red Cockerill Gallery.   While that style of painting is not my favorite, I learned some things about watercolor at the workshop.   Gary does beautiful work and is a very patient and deliberate painter.   This is a wooden bowl, book and a silver cup on a wood desk.   I'd say I captured the wood desk, the book and the wooden bowl but I never quite got his silver cup.   Oh well 3 of of 4.   He also showed a tip on painting a dark background.   I obviously didn't follow it.   First mix lots of paint - paint the detail next to the figures in the painting - paint the rest in quick horizontal strokes - then the real secret--take a flat brush and paint in vertical strokes.    You can see that I missed next to the figure and there are some white peeking through.     Figures definitely stand out against a dark background so getting it right is very important.  

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