Friday, November 7, 2014

25 Painting Challenge - Painting 6 - November 7, 2014

"Little Girl in the Snow" - Pastel - 9x13 - November 2014
Painting 6 of the 25 Painting Challenge - Today's painting has been sitting around for a while waiting for the finishing touches.    Special thanks to Ann Cockerill of Red Cockerill Gallery for her 1-1 class today  and helping me with some trouble spots.    I love this painting done from a reference photo last year of my granddaughter in the snow.   Her big over size red coat and furry collar takes on the feel of Little Red Riding Hood.    No big bad woods in this forest!!   Just a friendly backyard to play in the snow.     I also dropped off 3 paintings to be framed.   A new show is coming up at Dog River Library in Douglasville in February 2015.   My goal is to have 25-30 all new works.    I've already done 25 but with the challenge it will push me up to 50 and it will be fun to be able to select the best of them for the show.   
Currently I have two paintings in the NOVAS Show at the Cultural Arts Center in Douglasville - "Mill House Road" and "Hydrangea".    There are two other paintings in the show at the Douglas County Courthouse in Douglasvillle - "Starr's Mill" and "Christmas Home".    

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