Friday, November 14, 2014

25 Painting Challenge - Painting 7 - First Draft - November 14, 2014

"Five Trunk Tree" - Pastel - 9x12 - November 2014 - First Draft
Painting 7 of the 25 Painting Challenge - This week I selected several reference photos.   I still had a couple of reference photos on foam board but I was drawn to this one.    This is of a walkway at Gibbs Gardens beside a five trunk tree.    It is a favorite spot for people to take photos.    On this painting I decided to try a different approach at the end.   What is it they say "if you do things the way you've always done them - then you'll get what you've always got".    Well my approach by the end of the painting would usually be to see what's wrong and know I don't like things about it - and plunge head strong to finish.    This time I decided I would try a different approach.  
- take a photo of the painting
- go back to my thumbnail drawing and compare the shapes and lights and darks
- make a list of the changes that are needed to get the painting in line with my original thumbnail
- focus on the shadows and carefully add color to help with the definition
- use very light strokes
- choose where the colors are not right and slowly modify identified areas of the painting.
Will re post the final and see if the strategy helps.

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