Thursday, November 6, 2014

25 Paintings Challenge - Day 6 of Painting - November 6, 2014

"Fall Tree" - Pastel - 5x7 - November 2014
Red Top Mountain State Park

25 Paintings Challenge -  My 6th day of painting since October 25, 2014 when I began the challenge.   Today I decided to just have fun with an old reference photo I took at Red Top Mountain several years ago.   I won't to go back and do this one again to get the right shape to the tree but I stuck to my guns on my approach.    I completed my sketch with values, then I did my best to put in light strokes.   When I found myself going back and going back, I stopped and laid it to rest.   There are sections of the painting that are overworked but overall I did a better job of letting go.   Nice to have set up the reference photos and paper in advance.   That is definitely helping me be more focused.   I have to more left on foam board.   Will assign weekends as a time to pick out next 6 reference photos and set up boards.    I think I will work in all 5x7 for the remainder of the 25 challenge.   That will give me a chance to try lots of things and I can go back and choose the one that would work well as larger paintings.

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