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Price Family Tree

Price Family Tree - Pen, Colored Pencil, Watercolor on Paper - 26x40 - 2016
The drawing class this semester has been fun.   Lots of drawings and I decided to create a unique family tree.    I've had a book detailing the Price decendants from 1584 to current but had never really studied it.   This project made me dig into our family history.    The journey brought John Price from Breakneck, Wales to Virginia, South Carolina, Alabama and finally to Georgia.    Our family has lived in Georgia for the last 162 years.   Here is some detail explaining the objects and scenes in the piece. 

“Family Tree” – pen, colored pencil, watercolor on paper – Janet Price Deal – 2016

The “Family Tree” represents the line of descendants of the Price family.   My father W B Price is the eleventh generation of Prices since 1584 when our genealogy history began in Wales.   This piece of art has symbols and scenes that represent that history.

Wales – The map of Wales is where our family story begins.   The first record of Price descendants is of John Price born in 1584 in Brecknock, Wales.

Ribbons – The ribbons wrapping the tree are symbolic of “remembering” the eleven generations of Prices.   All names and birth and deaths of the eleven generations are noted on the ribbons circling the tree.

US History of Prices – The map in the lower left corner represents the journey of the Price clan from Wales.   Prices settled first in Virginia and then moved to South Carolina, Alabama and Georgia.   Prices have lived in Georgia since 1854.  

Live Oak Tree – ‘Quercus Virginiana’ is the state tree of Georgia.  The live oak became the state tree in 1937. With our long family history in Georgia it represents our roots.   The Prices have 162 years living in Georgia within a 30-mile radius.

Ivy – ‘Hedera helix’ – Ivy is a symbol of perennial life.  It was used to record the descendants of W. B. Price.    The vine is made using the names of the four children, eight grandchildren and thirteen grandchildren of W.B. Price.

Barn and Farm Yard – Our family history has had close ties to farming and the land.   Even after working other jobs to support the family, there was always a barn and a garden in our family history.

Cow – Growing up not only did our family depend on the land for food but there were also animals on the land.   A cow was part of that history and there are many memories of my mother churning milk and molding butter for the family.

Peaches – The basket of peaches are representative of our Georgia roots.   The peach is the state fruit of Georgia.  It became the state fruit in 1995.

Symbols – The symbols on the tree represent the life of W. B. Price.    He was a member of the Masons, Ruritan, Lockheed Aircraft and the United States Army. 

Carnations – The red carnations represent the favorite flower of W. B. Price.   The red carnation represents a strong enduring love.    He was married for 72 years prior to his death in 2013.

Initials – The cut out in the tree has the initials of W. B. Price and Jimmie Lou Craft.   They were married for 72 years.

Airplane – W. B. Price retired after 35 years working for Lockheed Aircraft.   With only a seventh grade education, he worked hard and retired as an aircraft planned with Lockheed.   He was part of a generation in which hard work, a strong work ethic and persistence could lead to the American Dream.   He retired and lived out the remainder of his life on 15 acres nestled by a lake.   The month before his death he was still ‘working’, having cut the church grass.   A sign of his commitment to his religion and community and his strong work ethics.

Bird Nest – There were always birds around at our homes growing up, whether on a farm or at a home by the lake.   Blue bird houses and bird feeders always encouraged birds and W. B. Price spent hours later in his life sitting on his porch watching the life of the birds.

Straw Hat – A straw hat was always part of the picture of W. B. Price.   If he was working in the garden or just mowing the grass it was an accessory that defined ‘his look’ and was a reminder of his rural upbringing.

Cross – The cross represent Christianity.  W. B. Price was active in his church and raised his family by actively participating in the local church.  
 “Cow” – pen and paper –  Janet Price Deal - 2016

A cow is included in my collection of objects and things representing my family tree.   The first record of our family tree dates to 1584 and Wales.  From Wales John Price traveled to Virginia and family descendants moved around the southeast, finally settling in Georgia.  Farming and living off the land was common and the household usually had a milk cow.   Even as a child I can remember a milk cow and barn on our property until I was in my teens.   My family descendants did many things to make a living but having cows and other farm animals was frequently part of daily life.

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