Monday, July 11, 2016

Summer Drawing - 2016

After a short break, I'm back to my drawing.   Just started a drawing class at University of West Georgia.   It's a compressed semester!   Which means you go every day (4 1/2 hours) for four weeks.   It's pretty intense.   The first day we had to begin brainstorming for a project.   I had several ideas
a) landmarks and historical place of Douglas County, b) flora and fauna of Douglas County and
c) my family tree.    I decided to tackle the family tree since I have a genealogy of our family dating back to 1584 Wales.   But this is not your usual family tree.   I'll be using objects, animals, flowers, etc. to represent different aspect of our family tree.   The first step is brainstorming a list of potential drawing to represent family and then sketching.   Lots of sketching.    I've also worked on using text in the drawing by letting text define the ivy vine and Price name.   It was a fun way to include all the current generation names in the drawing.   

Cow - pencil and ink on paper - Farming was a part of our history.  Growing up we had a milk cow.

Cow - pencil and paper - My family originally came to Virginia and then moved around the south and settled in Georgia.

Wales - pencil and paper - Our family history was traced back to 1584 and John Price in Wales.

Price - pencil and paper - The ivy vine represent perennial life or immortality.   A fitting representation for a family tree.   I utilized text to create the vine and the Price name.  I included the names of all our immediate families names.

Ivy - pencil and paper - Ivy was chosen to represent the family tree.

Objects - pencil and paper - My father and his father farmed and also did lots of other things to make a living  The Georgia peach represents where I've lived my entire life.   

Our class took a bike tour of the "Murals of Atlanta".    While it sounded like fun, I opted for a visit to the Carlos Museum to sketch.   It's located at Emory and has some South American, Greek, Roman and Tibetan art.   Worth the trip.

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