Monday, July 16, 2012

A Figure in Pastel - Magaret Dyer -July 2012

Margaret Dyer Workshop - The Figure in Pastel - July 2012
This is a start on my first pastel figure.    First time I've ever worked with a model.   The technique we used was squint and sketch the figure shapes.   Then we filled in darks, lights, mid-tones and kept repeating the process in different colors but within the same value of dark, light or mid-tones.   One thing that was very helpful was when you are "feeling out of control" ....go back to refine the sketch, do darkest darks, lights, mid-tones, etc.     I'm anxious to finish this.    We tried another one in the afternoon where the shadows were not as apparent....much more difficult.    Great studio in Villa Rica, GA and a small class.  

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