Sunday, June 15, 2014

2014 Challenge

2014 Challenge - The last few years I haven't made the time to paint as much as I did the first year.   I've only been painting since 2010 so I don't have much of a reference point, but I find that I have to find ways to motivate myself.   Funny ....since painting is something that I love, but life has a way of just happening.    So these days I have permanently set up my easel in my sun room.   It's not an ideal painting location and I find that the light is not always good...but it keeps painting in front of me.   I've also discovered that I must have a "working" painting on the easel all the time.  It tends to draw me to it, so as soon as I complete one painting I immediately put up the next blank canvas or paper.    The other thing I've done is focused on my own photos.  I have used photos made by friends with their permission.   It is satisfying to paint beginning to ends something from my own work.   It also is a good excuse to go on day trips and connect with friends looking for the next painting.

Since 2014 I have had two art shows and entered my paintings into numerous shows.   My goal for 2014 is to complete 50 original paintings from my own photos.    Of course I will thrown in a painting completed at a workshop each month as I continue to study with some of my favorite artist.  

10 paintings out of 50 is the count.    8 original work from my own or friends reference photos and 2 from workshops.  

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