Friday, June 13, 2014

Starr's Mill - Pastel - 9x12 - June 2014

Starr's Mill was one of many mills that were built in mid 19 century taking advantage of the endless supply of water power.   This mill in Fayette County was built by Hananiah Gilcoat and was the first grist mill along Whitewater Creek in 1825.  The Gilcoat land was less than a mile from Creek Indian territory.   Hilliard Starr took over the property in 1866 and it was a working mill for 13 years using the Starr name.   The mill is just over 100 years old and was the first mill constructed on the mill foundation.   Visit the mill just outside of Senoia GA.    I took photos on a recent trip to Senoia, GA.   This pastel was satisfying except for the structure.   I know what to do just couldn't make it work before I got to much pastel on the painting.    Need to soften the edge of roof and blend into background.    I may try this one again in a larger version.  My family on the Pylat side were originally from Senoia, GA.   My daughter and her family current live there....history come full circle.

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