Sunday, June 15, 2014

Painting Flowers in Acrylic - June 2014

"Hydrangeas" - Acrylic - June 2014

"Hydrangeas" was painted at a Red Cockerill Gallery Art with a Twist Workshop.   I love these workshops that Ann Cockerill does each month.   She is a wonderful artist and each month she takes one of her paintings and walks the class through the steps in painting their own version.    It's amazing that each one is different and has their own unique beauty.   I love my pastels but I must say that working with acrylic is more satisfying when painting flowers.   I always feel I can put lots of colors layered in and it seems to never refuse to accept more.    I love hydrangeas and this dark background really sets this apart.   A few things I'd change but sometimes you just have to walk away.  I thing I will do a series on my favorite flowers--lets see......hydrangeas....sunflowers.......roses..........    There is not a flower that I don't love.  

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