Monday, October 27, 2014

25 Painting Challenge - Day 1 - October 26, 2014

"25 Painting Challenge"

25 Painting Challenge Day 1 -
STEP ONE - My goal for this morning was to go through my photos and select 25 reference photos.    It took a long time but I was please with the outcome.    After I selected the photos, I printed small prints and on the back answered 3 questions.    Where? - Where was the photo taken.    What? - What will be my working title for the painting.   Why? - Why did I select this photo to paint?   What about the photo or place captured my interest.
  1. Organize - I need to organize my photos and sort so that I can find things when I need them.   Sort by place is where I think I will start.
  2. Proactive - Start a practice of placing reference photos in computer files by place each time I download from my camera or iPhone.    Print off the ones that I want to place in my "immediate" reference photo file.
  3. Reference Photo Folder - Create a folder with reference photos.   I think I'll find an small expandable folder that will allow me to sort them by some categories so I'm not just shuffling through tons of photos.
  4. Make a weekly Plan - Choose the set of reference photos for the week.  Identify Where?  What? and Why?   Set up my paper and boards for each.
  5. Practice Good Habits - After choosing the reference photos set up a good plan.   Do a thumbnail sketch - Choose my painting size - Choose under painting method and color palette - Choose painting color palette.

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