Tuesday, October 28, 2014

25 Painting Challenge - Day 2 - Prepare & Choose

"Quiet Stream" - Pastel - 9x12 - October 2014 - Vogel State Park
Day 2 of Challenge - October 28, 2014
- Prepare foam board with Uart paper.
- Choose the first 6 painting reference photos for the week
- Organize my painting space
- Paint

What I learned from this step.
- Organize supplies.   My finger had already selected a roll of Uart paper and I was eyeing some lovely pastels when I decided to look downstairs.   My problem is I've kept my supplies in my basement garage and they get lost.   As kids and grand kids leave "stuff", my garage is rearranged constantly.    I found some great mounted sanded paper that was bought who knows when that I've never tried.   I also found some pastels in their boxes.   I cancelled the order and one of my future projects will be to get some shelves so that I can organize my supplies in EYE SIGHT!!

- Create Space for Different Mediums     I love watercolor but haven't painted anything in months.    Last year I created a supply "box" for pastels, watercolor and acrylic.   Sort of a grab and run box.   I need to identify some space.    Time to plan a garage clean out!!

- Move on when you hit a Paint Freeze -  Several weeks ago I started a snow painting of my grand daughter.   I like it but hit a snag on the face.   It sat on my easel for several weeks.    What I should have done is put it aside.    Save for another day.

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