Friday, October 31, 2014

25 Painting Challenge - Day 5 - October 31, 2014

"Sunflower Welcome"  First Draft - Pastel - 5x7 - October 2014

"Sunflower Welcome" - Sketch - Pencil - October 2014

25 Painting Challenge - Day 5 - What to do when you are short on time and don't feel inspired?   Today was a hectic day.   Visit with family and grand kids.    I was short on time and not feeling particularly inspired.    What to do?    I was glad I had set up some reference photos the first of week and had varied the sizes.   I picked up the smallest one, a 5x7 and went for the sunflower.    Sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers and when I look back I have painted lots of them.    I started with a simple sketch.     I cropped the photo to get the sketch view.   I knew before I started that I was not satisfied with the composition of the sketch.   RED FLAG.   I should have stopped and relaxed and reworked it to think more specifically about what I wanted to capture.    But I proceeded and laid in some color.     After a few minutes I decided it was time to step away from the painting.   While I liked where the color was going - I was not happy with my overall composition.   Tomorrow is another day.
What did I learn?    Planning helps on days you are busy because everything is ready for you to paint.    If I'm not feeling inspired I will work on a smaller composition and choose a favorite subject.    Use the time to play around with composition and color and decide what you want in the finished painting.   
TOMORROW!! - I'll work on finishing "Sunflower Welcome" and add it to my collection of sunflower paintings.

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