Sunday, November 15, 2015

Plein Air Painting at St. Simon Island with Albert Handell

Janet Deal & Tim Everhart at St. Simon Island
One of the fun things about painting is meeting interesting people.   I was quietly painting one afternoon on St. Simon Island by the marsh.   A voice behind me said "that's beautiful"!   I turned around to meet Tim Everhart.    Tim was staying in a home across from the marsh and he said he had been enjoying the marsh every day for a month.   He asked to buy my painting.    I said yes but I'd have to wait until the end of the week since I was in a painting class and I needed it for my critique session on Friday night.   He agreed and we met Saturday morning to make the exchange.  He was a nice young man who lives in Cartersville, GA.   A connection since my daughter and son in law lived for a long time in that area.   Nice to know your paintings get a good home!
Albert Handel at the easel in the studio at Epworth by the Sea, St. Simon Island
What a wonderful opportunity to study painting with a talented artist.   Albert Handell is 78 years old this year and has been painting since he was a teenager.   He led a painting and mentoring workshop at Epworth by the Sea on St. Simon Island November 8 - 14, 2015.   He does a workshop on the island every other year.   Can't wait until his next visit.   We painted in the studio one day because of rain but every other day was on location somewhere on the island.   Painting plein air is great fun.
Each day we painting morning and afternoon and had a critique each evening.
Janet Deal painting by the marsh on St. Simon Island

Golden Marsh - 12x18 - Pastel - 2015 - SOLD

Untitled 1 - Plein Air - St. Simon Island - 12x18 - Pastel - 2015

Untitled 2 - Plein Air - St. Simon Island - 12x18 -Pastel - 2015

Untitled 3 - Plein Air - St. Simon Island - 9x12 - Pastel - 2015

Untitled 4 Plein Air - St. Simon Island - Epworth by the Sea - 9x18 - Pastel - 2015

Untitled 5 Studio - St. Simon Island - Epworth by the Sea - 9x18 - Pastel - 2015

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