Saturday, November 7, 2015

Typography Self Portrait in Adobe Illustrator

Typography Self Portrait - Illustrator - 2015
One of the fun things about going back to school is the challenge of learning new things.   I love technology but would also tell you that I have a "experimental", "intuitive" approach.   That means I don't always learn by the rules but rather by trial and error.  I remember when I first learned Dynascape in a landscape design class.   Our assignment was to complete 6 geometric drawings.   I worked endless hours on the assignment and finally got each drawing to look like the assignment sample.   My instructor was impressed by my tenacity but quickly showed me a "simpler" approach.   Well the same thing happened in Illustrator.   It was a fun program and as one friend said "very - NOW".   I've downloaded the 30 day trial.   Not sure if I'll add this to my computer.  Guess it depends on whether other classes will also utilize the program.

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