Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Richard McKinley Webinar

On Tuesday, November 24, 2015 there was a webinar by Richard McKinley sponsored by Artist Network online events.    Richard McKinley is coming to the Southeastern Pastel Society Members Exhibit in 2016 as in a workshop.   I can't wait to attend because I've heard so much about him from Karen Margulis.   I love his pastel painting.  

When I saw the webinar notice on email, I jumped on it.    He talked about Alla Prima Painting.  Perfect for plein air painting.   It means "all at once".   So rather than painting one subject at a time, he worked the entire painting all at once.    He discussed in detail materials and supplies and led the group through set up techniques, thumbnail sketches, composition, drawing in shapes and breaks it.   I loved the break it section.   It is a way to blend your pastel by "Make it - Break it - Make it".   A good way to look at how to eliminate the artificial edges that sometimes pop up in paintings.

He also did an entire section on pastel impasto.   I've never used the gesso but have experimented with various underpinnings.   I want to try the application of gesso and use of a fixative to build up layers and texture.

He also talked about final touches.  He uses ph neutral black tape to mask off edges of his painting.   This allows him to step back and see the painting more objectively.   Then he adds final darks and looks at final color detail and adding a few little accents.

He has a book and new video they were promoting.   I have several of his products and would highly recommend them.   I took a photo of his pastel box on the computer screen.   Wish I could keep mine this organized!!!

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