Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Building a Sketch Book Habit

During the semester break, I'm working on developing a daily sketching habit.    I never spend much time with the sketch but just try to loosely pencil in shapes and then add shading and darks.    I either sketch an object that's near by or pull up a photo on my iPad.   This is a self portrait....ha....I sure look younger.   I try to just work 15-20 minutes and then let it go.    My goal is to have completed 50 before the new semester begins.   I'm up to 5 today.   I'll post all of them tomorrow.    Now to continue to work on organizing my studio space and get my pastels nearby!   I set a goal of 50 new paintings by May 2016.    I've got about 10 starts but nothing that "moves" me yet.    I use to think every painting had to be "frame" worthy.     I guess I've either changed my approach or I've gotten more selective about what I think is frame worthy.    There was a student exhibit deadline this month and I missed it because I didn't have anything I thought was "good" enough.   I'll keep working at it!

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