Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Our faces are not symmetrical!!

Drawing people you know can be frustrating.    You know what they look like and when something is not exactly right it sticks out like a sore thumb.   One thing I know is that our faces are not symmetrical.   I usually sketch the loose outlines of the person and then put in the major shapes (hair outline, body outline, face outline, etc.)     If I can get the shape of the face right then I lightly sketch in the mouth, nose, eyes and eyebrows.    You never might hit it the first time.    Usually part looks great and part is not quite right.   I've started isolating a spot on the face and only concentrate on the shapes that make up that part.   An eye has an overall shape and then the dark areas create additional shapes.    This sketch is close but one I want to try again.   The true test is when my granddaughter sees it .....if she say...yuck!! then I know it's back to the sketch book.

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