Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Creating an Art Studio

What a mess!!!    I've painted in different parts of my house.    I started painting in the garage and set up an easel and an old microwave cabinet for supplies.   During good weather when you raise the garage door this worked fine.....but seems like in the winter I just avoided the space.   Then I moved a nook to my sunroom.   This photo looks dark but the truth is my sunroom is usually bright and sunny and a favorite place for me to sit and enjoy my garden and also to paint.  But the same problem.....during the winter it's unheated and while I can use my portable heater it's not always convenient.    So this year I decided that my study would become my new studio.    I love my study.   It has my books, my computer and desk and I spend time there every day.   I also use it for a extra guest room when family comes by blowing up a portable bed.   The closet had become a space for "stuff" toys, games, papers and files and.....yes paint supplies.    So like several of my artist friends, I decided that the holidays was a perfect time to clean out and organize.

Recently I took a trip to purchase storage bins and containers.   I already had several storage files in my closet that were full of "stuff".    There's carpet on the floor so not a perfect floor for the space but I can deal with that another day.    I am working hard cleaning out and throwing away.   I will still share part of the closet with my granddaughter for her things.   Surprise....she loves art and so most of her "toys" are actually art supplies and books.   So she's a perfect studio partner.  

I've already bribed myself my a carrot stick of the "Best Urania's Pastel Desk".    A bit pricey but a great easel and cabinet that will fold up to a regular cabinet on those days when I have overnight guest.  

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