Sunday, December 13, 2015

Draw - Draw - Draw

I've always drawn thumbnail sketches before I paint but I've never had the habit of "consistently" sketching.    It's a skill I really want to work on and improve.   I've started leaving my sketch book out all the time with pencils, eraser and sharpener close at hand.    My goal is to sketch from "real" life daily.   I cheated a little today and did a photo of my granddaughter.    Hopefully the weather continues to be unseasonably warm and I can get outside to sketch.   Next semester is I figure I'll be challenged even more.    I've also signed up for a natural science drawing class at the State Botanical Gardens.   I'm going to use the classes to complete my Native Plant Certification.   It's a four week class drawing in the gardens.   I'm looking forward to the classes.

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