Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Finishing My First Semester at UWGA

It really doesn't matter how many university classes you've many degrees you have.....there is nothing like the feeling when you take your final exam and finish your final project!!! I learned so much in Design I.   I've always struggled when instructors talked about values and color. While I understood the basics, the values always gave me trouble.    We did so many great projects manipulating color.    With pastel you don't get that experience so taking a semester to work with acrylics was very helpful.  The design and composition projects were also challenging and stretched me.   I really loved learning Illustrator and Photoshop.    The project above used photoshop.    I've just touched the surface on what this program will do.     Can't wait to work some more with it.  

This project by the way is "Alter Ego" - what would you do it you could choose anything, in any time period. etc.    I decided painting with Monet in his garden would be ideal.   I made it a time travel journey and brought along Picasso and Van Gogh.     I call it the Impressionist, Post-Impressionist, Surrealist and Me!

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