Friday, February 19, 2016

An Accident of Mixed Media

A Farm Road Walk - 12x9 - Watercolor and Water Mixed Oil - February 2016

Sketch for "A Farm Road Walk" - 5x7 - Pencil - February 2016
Some days I don't know what planet I'm on and what I am thinking!!    The morning started good with some colored pencil drawing.   I was feeling good about my drawing progress and decided that instead of doing a thumbnail sketch; I would draw a sketch with a little more detail so that I would know where I wanted to take the watercolor I was starting.    I had been to the store to purchase a few paints to added to my watercolor.   I decided rather than mixing the colors I would purchase a medium grey, black and a white.   There were rows and rows of paints.   I looked and looked and finally decided on a Winsor Newton.   Today I started the watercolor.   I had great under washes and was feeling good about the composition.   I decided to make some modifications to add rocks on each side of the road.   I also wanted to add shadow under the fence and behind each fence post.   The paint just didn't mix well.   It seemed sticky and even adding water I had to really work on mixing the paint on the paper.     After a while I picked up the new tube of paint and discovered it was a "water mixing oil"!!!!!   Good grief....I had just spend about an hour doing rocks and shadows throughout the painting so by now I had little streaks of the water mixed oil in my watercolors.  

Out of this chaos was born "A Farm Road Walk".    While the effect is not recognizable as oil or watercolor, I decided that I kinda liked the painting.    I'll redo it later as a watercolor but for now this is today's "Painting My State" painting.    I've been doing a series of paintings on "Painting My Town" and decided to expand to "Painting My State" since so many of my reference photos and paintings are of places in Georgia I've visited.   This scene is from a farm around Temple, GA.

My lesson for today - read the label carefully when purchasing anything ....especially paint.     Now what will I do with water mixing oil???

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