Friday, February 5, 2016

Tree in the Field

'Tree in the Field' - 10x14 - Watercolor - February 2016

Sometimes the simplest things are the most beautiful.   Love the image of this lone tree in the field.   I'm really having a hard time getting away from watercolor.    Still enjoying painting daily.   My new studio set up has helped keep me active.   Watercolors really last a long time.  I'm still trying to paint my small palette clean.    Maybe this weekend I'll do some small studies of clouds or trees to try to use it up.  I'm anxious to reset my palette.

Tomorrow will be a totally different experience.   I'm taking a Natural Science Illustration class at the State Botanical Gardens.   So this weekend it will be graphic pencils and charcoal.   Our first assignment was to do a 5 step and 10 step gray scale.   The 5 step was pretty easy but the 10 step was a challenge.   More to come on this experience.

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