Friday, February 19, 2016

Still Life - Colored Pencil on Brown Paper

"Golden Delicious" - 6x7 - Still Life with Colored Pencil on Brown Paper - February 2016

Color Recipe Card for Apple Still Life
This week's assignment was to complete our three vegetable/fruit still life and to continue practicing 5 value shading.    Our instructor gave us some brown paper last week and I decided to try out my colored pencils on the brown paper.    The colored paper really helped give some depth to the drawing.    This project gave me more experience at mixing color on the paper.   This weekend our assignment will be drawing holly.   If you love to draw or if you are an artist who hasn't done much drawing, I highly recommend this class or any drawing class.    I wish I had taken drawing classes early on in my art experience.   The practice at "seeing" and "drawing" values really gives your eye a workout.   It's easy to miss the many values of an object and also the many colors in "one" color.   O.C. Carlisle is our instructor.   She teaches the four week class at the State Botanical Gardens in Athens, GA.   Check out her website for her outstanding artwork.

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