Friday, February 19, 2016

Water Mixable Oils - A Discovery

After making a mistake of buying water mixable oils instead of watercolor and then actually trying to paint with them like they were watercolor - I decided to find out a little about the medium.    Water Mixable Oils is a new oil paint that can be cleaned with water and does not require turpentine.    For those that hate the smell of solvent and don't like even the unscented in their home studio the water mixable is an alternative.    While the write ups all say it can be mixed with water, I found that it took some work to make it work.   Of course I was also using watercolor at the time but I found the paint to be sticky.   The paint can be used like regular oil paint.   The main difference is clean up which can be done with soap and water.   Oil painting purist have mixed reviews on the medium but it seems to have captured a place among some artist.    By accident I did a painting with watercolor and water mixable oils.     What was frustrating was getting the oils in my watercolor palette.   I tried to clean it with warm water.   Guess I'll see if it was successful next time I try a watercolor.  

Oil painting is something I've had limited experience with and because of my allergies I've not considered learning the medium.    This accident of using the paint on a watercolor however has got me thinking about trying the water mixable oil.     I'll paint on a canvas and not water color paper....and maybe it will work better :)  

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