Sunday, February 21, 2016

Through the Gate - Working with Watercolor and Hard Pastels

"Through The Gate" - 9x12 - Watercolor and Hard Pastel - February 2016
Some days I just can't sleep and I pick up my paints!   After three disasters I finally stopped on this watercolor and added a few pastel strokes and decided I could step away.    There are days when it seems like nothing works and the harder you try the worse it gets.   Tomorrow I'll either add some more pastels or toss them all in the save to paint on the back.    That is the nice thing about watercolor, you can always get double out of the paper by practicing on front and back.    Sometimes when I go through my stash of "throw aside" paintings, I find something that I like.   I find it hard to throw away anything good or bad.  

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