Friday, February 5, 2016

You Tube

You Tube is full of tutorials on everything from installing a spark plug to painting with watercolor.   Obviously today I'm listening to the painting with watercolor videos.    Sometime it's just fun to not think and just follow.   There were several things to learn today and some refresher items.   The tree was actually torn out of masking/painters tape and placed on the paper first.   Two rock shapes were also torn and placed on the paper.   Then the painting of the sky was a wash from dark to light.   The mountain was just a pale hint of color.  Then a crunched paper towel was used to dab reds, greens and yellows into the tree.  Add a few branches and dab some more.   I removed the tape and painted the left shadow on the tree.  Dropped in some dark color and scraped with an old credit card.  Then the grasses were put in in several colors.   Remove the tape from the rocks and add some dark shadow.  

The thistle was done by painting a square with water.   Then with sap green, yellow ocher, burnt umber paint was swirled around the edge and on the wet square.  It created a marble effect.   Then a dry paper towel rolled in a circle removed the paint for one flower.  A damp brush lifted the paint for the stems and the other bud.   What was unusual was after it dries you paint with color pencil the flowers.    I didn't have the right kind of pencils but them did pretty good.   At least it turned out well enough to understand how this could really be a fun way to paint flowers.

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