Tuesday, February 16, 2016

'Potter's Stream' - 10x14 - Watercolor - February 2016

"Potter's Stream" - 10x14 - Watercolor - February 2016
This watercolor is a bigger version of the 'Mountain Stream' which was painted from a reference photo of Mark of the Potter.    Purples and Greens seemed to be the interpretation for today.    Water reflection and shadows are interesting to paint.   I've painted through my watercolor paper so today will be supply purchase day.   I'll probably get some watercolor paints to fill out my palette also.   

Seems by show in May 2016 will take on a bigger scope than "Painting My Town".    I may have to have a section of painting my town and one for "Painting my Georgia Home."    So many of my reference photos are from the North Georgia Mountains and Middle Georgia.   

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