Friday, January 15, 2016

Drawing from Observation

I love this class!!    I'm taking Drawing I at University of West Georgia this semester.   Last quarter I took Design I and we experimented with prints, acrylic, photography, illustrator, sketching, and color theory.   This semester I signed up for a compressed semester class.   Monday - Thursday for two and half hours.   All we do is draw.    The exercise above was done on day one.   We did some warm up drawing exercises and then our instructor stacked these chairs in the middle of the room and said draw them!    I have to admit when I first saw it, I though "I'll never be able to do this".   But like most things in life, I've learned that you never get anywhere unless you take the first step.   It was so much fun.   I still have shading to do and need to darken the object lines but I was rather proud of this first attempt.    My fellow students liked it also and mine was one of two in the class selected as class favorites.   Our next assignment is drawing negative space.   It's a challenge!    Tune in for more on that experience.  

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