Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Photograph Trip - Project "Paint My Town"

Pine Trees - By the Library on Selman Drive

 Fun "cold" day taking photographs in my hometown.   There are plenty of landmarks that hometown people recognize and identify but I was looking for some places that haven't been photographed lots of times.   I especially wanted photos of places that had good memories.   Next step is to do some sketching from these photographs.   I took many but have uploaded a few to start the process.    One of my favorite photographs is the one of the pine trees!    What a find.    I had driven to the local library to photograph a huge oak tree on a hill by our Master Gardener Community Vegetable Garden.   As I was getting ready to leave I saw these wonderful pine trees.   Can't wait to paint them.

Home overlooking the DCHS High School   - Walked by here many times

Church Street by Conference Center

Church Street by Conference Center
Broad Street 

Every town has a railroad!
New Alley Created in Downtown

Spring Street

Bowden St.

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